12th Annual Crystal Ball

Minneapolis’ Doomtree headlines this year’s Party at International Market Square

Minneapolis | Near the Farmers Market

Over 3,000 people will most likely attend this multi-level extravaganza. It’s a party that we’ve helped produce in year’s past, and it continues to grow year after year. Guests hail from all over the state and country, and all come together to celebrate the new year.

This is definitely one of, if not the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in Minnesota and it’s true this year as well. (If you’re looking for something smaller and more intimate, we suggest TINTO)


Last year’s Crystal Ball saw a headlining performance from Dessa. She had such a good time, she’s bringing her entire crew. The full Doomtree Collective will be performing for 2016. If you’re living in Minnesota and have no idea who this is, WHAT!?! Are you living under a rock or something?!!! haha. They are fun.
Doomtree is one of MN’s best know hip hop crews, made of Cecil Otter, Dessa, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, and Sims

doomtree in the studio


If you’re looking for something huge, this is definitely the way to go all out this year! Of course there are lines, a higher price tag, but New Year’s Eve is only once a year, so do it:)

Gonna do it? How are you going to get home? Where are you staying? The party has you covered. Choose shuttle service, valet, VIP… Prices start at $50 and go up from there. TICKETS

We have a few extra. Call or Text Matt at 612-803-1022. LIMITED GA Tickets = $50 Cash (no ticketing fee). VIP Tickets = $80 Cash (no ticketing fee)