Non Profit Partners


The Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve Minneapolis party  would like to thank local charities for what they do year round. We hope the New Year 2014 will see the Twin Cities improve, and we’d like to do our part by supporting them. This year, we’re proud to announce our support for 2 local charities that we feel really contribute to Minnesota. By their philanthropic pursuits and dedication to their communities, these charities help bring “social” and “social responsibility” together.

Connecting Young Professionals with Nonprofits
Their organization connects talented young people with nonprofits to educate, communicate, and improve the philanthropic pursuits of all local Minnesota Charities. Please click on the link and read about how to get involved!

Enhancing the lives of young people
The mission of Aegis Foundation, Inc. is to enhance the lives of young people by financially supporting organizations that provide safe, supportive environments and specialize in youth services, alternative education, life skills, vocational training, homelessness, pregnancy, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, and other youth related concerns.